会社は臨床研究にルーツを持つ企業で、インターネット関連技術を重視し、革新的なプロセス・デザイン、技術、サービスを通じて最先端の臨床試験技術の 更なる進歩の実現に向け邁進しています。幅広い分野での研究経験や専門性を持った熱意ある専門家の獲得と育成に注力しています。 米国、英国、日本にオフィスを構え、それぞれ製薬、バイトテクノロジー、医療機器、研究機関、政府機関に携わっています。 業界水準以上の給与形態、福利厚生が備わっていますので、詳細をご確認いただき、応募資格をお持ちの方は是非エントリーをしてください。

求人番号 130424
事業内容/サービス内容 医療、製薬、バイオテクノロジーにおける製品、治験、コンサル、ITサポート等の事業全般
場 所 ニューヨーク・マンハッタン
会社実績 -従業員数 約1,000名(日本人80名)
ポジション ソフトウェアエンジニア
※主にGoogle Appsの中に社内システムを開発します。それとSOAPやRESTfulのウェブサービス経由、様々のレモートシス テム間にミドルウェアを開発。その他に社内ナレッジベースをより良く改善して、それを維持するスクリプトの開発。
Job Details The Knowledge Management (KM) department at the company is looking for a talented knowledge integrator software engineer interested in integrating internal and Saas based systems through APIs, as well as developing systems for internal users. Will write software or scripts to extract data from various archives and live systems. Will design procedures and processes where internal/external customers notify knowledge integrator of product issues/deficiencies so solutions may be included in knowledgebase articles, canned email responses, FAQs, online agent knowledge base, “tip-of-the-day” resources, build notices, etc. Develops, tests, and maintains expert systems for rule validity and usability. Continues to identify and capture new information on an ongoing basis. May develop or use measurement tools that monitor usage of knowledgebase systems, compile and evaluate feedback and report results to management.

We expect our all our software engineers to be database savvy and excited to run a query profiler. They will be comfortable in Windows and MacOS X and Linux systems, and understand that each is a different tool for a different job. They will know REST is more than clean URLs. They will not be afraid to get their hands dirty, are continuous innovators, and are passionate about automation, quality and a smooth user experience.
Responsibilities -Understand APIs of the company and commercial applications, develop and maintain integrations as needed
-Work with a variety of tools such as Google Apps and App Engine, Git, CSS, MySQL, Zendesk, Confluence, Jira.
-Design and build small, isolated, highly available, fault tolerant, scalable services using REST and/or SOAP
-Collaborate with teams and departments across the company on a variety of projects
-Support and advocate for simple, intuitive, user experiences.
応募資格/Experience -3+ years of at least two current object-oriented languages (Python, Php, Ruby, Java, etc)
-Four-year college degree preferred; major in computer science, information systems or life sciences a plus
-Experience developing and/or maintaining a production application required
-Proven ability to manage time effectively and meet pre-established deadlines required
-Experience with SQL, HTML, JavaScript required
-Experience working with Google Apps API preferred
-Experience with Web Services (e.g., REST API and SOAP) required
-Experience working in a regulated environment preferred
-Experience working with Agile methods such as Scrum preferred
-Knowledge of XML, XSL, RDF/S, OWL, XLIFF and one of these dynamic languages (Python, Perl, PHP) is preferred
-Knowledge of Android, iOS, Blackberry is preferred
-Working with Agile methods such as Scrum preferred
-Knowledge of eLearning standards (SCORM) preferred
-Basic written knowledge of any foreign language (Japanese, Chinese, Korean or other) is a plus
-Knowledge of any modern CMS, wiki system or LMS preferred
Job-Specific Competencies: -Computer Science Knowledge: Demonstrates appropriate knowledge of relevant concepts, applications, and programming languages
-Software Engineering: Effectively executes processes associated with the software development life cycle
-Problem Solving: Utilizes appropriate methods to solve problems in an accurate and efficient manner
-Technical Communication: Effectively communicates technical information and processes to relevant stakeholders (e.g., cross-functional groups, clients)
-Ability to understand business processes and collaborate with a wide range of non-technical personnel
-Be curious, proactive and innovative
Job Functions: -Develop integrations between SaaS solutions using APIs
-Help Architect and Develop internal knowledge base
-Work with other development teams in coming up with solutions for client facing knowledge systems
給 与/待遇 -US$5,000〜/月※能力、経験に応じ変動有
勤務時間 -週40時間
-休日 週休2日制(土・日)・祝日
応募書類 和文履歴書(顔写真付)、和文職務経歴書 、英文履歴書